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Ready, Set, Retire

Kris Miller, chFEBS, CSA, LDA

Ready, Set, Retire – “The 7 Keys for Growing a High Profit Business

They will discover the specific 7 Keys for rapidly growing their business while also creating a big difference – that fulfills them and helps others.


J V Crum III, JD, MBA, MS Psychology, is a best-selling author, certified business coach, Huffington Post Communist, national speaker, self-made millionaire entrepreneur, strategist, and Founder/CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC. The institute provides global training, coaching, and masterminds to help entrepreneurs build businesses that both achieve a higher purpose with create higher profits. He is a visionary whose life is about uplifting the consciousness of business and improving life on our planet. He is also the Director of Conscious World Foundation; a non-profit that provides youth leadership training.


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