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Larry Bilotta

Relationship Revelation – Why Women Have Become Too Manly, says author of “Feminine Lost”

Jennifer Granger, the Australian author is sharing with me why women are getting to the breaking point in their lives because they are becoming men. Her book? Feminine lost: Why most women are male. Jennifer Granger is a transformation coach who worked in the thick of the corporate world on four continents and began helping women who came to her from this same high-pressure world in search of a life with meaning. As she continued to work with them a pattern emerged: women were turning more into the take charge, doers that men used to be and men were more becoming the sensitive nurturers that women used to be. Not healthy for either side. Women are often sick, unhappy, overworked with this blurring of the sexes. It’s damaged both genders. Are you a woman who has become obsessed with doing and getting things done to the point that you don’t know who you are? Listen to my interview with Jennifer Granger and see where you can find the reset button.