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Your Money Show – The Cancer and Debt Show

Your Money Show talked about something very tragic which affects millions of people….Cancer. Each year globally, about 14 million people learn they have Cancer. My friend’s wife was struck with Cancer as well as my dad. Very few people know the financial difficulties with battling Cancer. These battles are frequent trips to the hospital, parking fees, tolls, gas, co-payments, hotels, etc. These fees start to add up and health insurance doesn’t cover it. A few insurance companies offer a Cancer Plan, which will pay a one time lump sum amount when you are diagnosed with Cancer. This money can help to pay all of the medicals bills that health insurance doesn’t cover. If you live in NY and would like to learn more about a Cancer Plan, you can Contact Us.

Your Money Show also spoke about collection agencies. A new study has found that 1 in 3 Americans owes money to or has been reported to a collection agency. You can get scammed and hassled by these collection agencies. We show you how to deal with them.

Your Money Show also interviewed Paul Brazie. Paul has been investing in mobile homes for many years. He explains why you need to be invested in mobile homes and how to do it. Mobile home investing is cheap and it is hard to make a mistake, according to Paul. If done properly, even with mistakes, he claims you will still make a profit. Because of the stigma with Mobile Homes Paul explains there is little competition

We also talked about Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Casey Casem. How we can learn about estate planning from their deaths.