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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting A Grip on Time – Think Your Way To Effortless Leadership

We all have difficult situations and people to deal with. With a small but profoundly significant shift in focus we can dramatically change our results and our sense of wellbeing in an incredibly fast, efficient and stress-less way. Join Gilly Chater, expert in Effortless Leadership, as she explains how we create our future with our state of mind – with the way we think about every situation.

But how to manage and control that thought process, that state of mind? Gilly shares with us how to become more clear-minded, how to listen to our intuition, how to change stress-creating thinking, feeling and then behavior into powerful, relaxed and effective thinking. Once we’ve banished stress thoughts we will change our behavior and therefore our outcomes. Outcome? Our time choices will flow. With ease and grace we’ll achieve the best results in the best possible way.