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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – Ask Karen … Questions and Answers about Credit

Credit and Credit Scores have to be the most understood element in the entire home buying/credit process. Actually, anytime you want or need a loan your stress level begins to climb! As you sit and wait for the lender to describe your fate many thoughts cross your mind. “Do I even know what’s on my credit report? Will it be good news or once again will there be bad news?”

The most difficult part of the credit process is “What actually IS good credit, because it seems like every lender has their own definition of what they consider “good vs. bad” credit, so how are you supposed to know?”

The first step in becoming an educated, savvy credit shopper is to know your credit rating or score! A lot of times, people end up getting turned down for credit or end up paying a higher interest rate simply because they didn’t do their homework before they’re sitting at that desk! Sometimes a few simply tweaks can make all the difference, and you need to work with a professional that will give you those answers!

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