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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu For Great Health – Do You Need Vitamin Supplements?

You are eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of green vegetables and colorful fruits. Even choosing organics where it matters most. Avoiding processed foods and fast foods. Do you really need to spend money on supplements?

In today’s world, our soils are worn out, meaning even whole food lacks the nutrition it once had. Our lifestyles are more stressful than ever, always “turned on and plugged in”. And the amount of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to is unprecedented. What does it take to stay healthy?

This week we talk with Dr. Michael Smith, Author of  The Supplement Pyramid. Like traditional food pyramids that help us design and follow a healthy diet, The Supplement Pyramid is an educational tool that can be personalized to meet anyone’s specific nutritional needs.

Tune in to hear why supplements are important to even healthy eaters, how to know you are getting high quality vitamins, and which ones matter most. For more healthy eating recipes and cooking tips visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.