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Rock Splitting Politics – GENOCIDE IN IRAQ!

What happens to you when stories, pictures, and videos with graphic horrors of humans committing crimes against humanity come before you? Doc Holliday‘s guest this week is Keith Davies from Rescue Christians. He, working with Walid Shoebat, has helped get these horrible stories of genocide out of Iraq and to the world. Keith will help you better understand what is happening and why. He even alleges that a certain middle eastern country working with possible CIA coordination of weapons helped the ISIS Jihadists in their grotesque and dehumanizing march into Northern Iraq. We also play the conclusion of Bishop Clarence Parks speaking about why he believes President Obama is facing talk of impeachment among other things. Get ready for great radio with stories and commentary that you will not hear anywhere else—but you will on Doc Holliday’s Rock Splitting Politics! Click on now and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!