Love and Relationships

The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Imagine a Love Story

Imagination is our greatest strength as humans… just look around. EVERYTHING you see, think and know comes from our imagination. All our relationships thrive on imagination. All creation exists through our human imagination. Without imagination, we are without life.

When it comes to manifesting in partnership (the summer theme of this show) Kat and Curtis imagined having a fun and enlightening conversation about Imagination in Partnership.

Then they went and HAD that conversation about Imagination in Partnership … and not only that, they actually RECORDED that conversation, and… it’s just a click away from you right now.

What sparks our imagination in partnership? What opens our minds to unlimited possibilities? What’s the ONE tool that will open your mind, heart and soul to the flow of creative ideas with another?

What does it take to riff off each other until you are not only ON the same page but actually IN the same story… and it’s a love story?

Listen up and have fun!!!