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Your Money Show talked about Suze Orman’s special on PBS. During her TV special she talked about life insurance. A gentleman asked her about life insurance and Suze went on to say that you only by life insurance when people are depending on your for income. She then went on to say that you should only buy term insurance and that you shouldn’t buy any other type of life insurance with a ten foot pole.

Your Money Show discusses why her information is wrong and why term insurance is not always the best way to go. We also talked about how Suze gets paid by a company that sells term insurance for every referral she sends them. So her recommendation that term insurance is best, is a bit jaded.

Your Money show also talk about another one of Suze’s answers on the show. She told a 22 year old that if she invested $100 per month for 40 years and she was able to average 11% per year, she would have $1,000,000. Your Money Show did the math and that does not add up. We tell you why her math is flawed.

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