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Newt Gingrich

Breakout – Blended Learning Interview with Don Soifer

In this episode of the Breakout with Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt interviews Don Soifer,
co-founder and Executive Vice President of the Lexington Institute in order to discuss
blended learning. Blended learning integrates online learning with the traditional
classroom model of direct exchange between the teacher and student. Students spend
part of their day using online programing as a means to learn, while also working with
their teacher in order to better understand the material. Teachers can use the
information from a student’s online experience in order to personalize the learning
program for that particular student. With our public education system currently facing
difficult circumstances, especially in our nation’s largest cities, blended learning offers
the opportunity to assist hard-working teachers to create a higher quality experience for
their students.

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