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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Alternative Treatments for Cancer

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, Sheryl Glick, author of her newly released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Lorene Benoit, author of The Paw Paw Program, described as A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer….or Yes The world is Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally. Lorene, who has a Masters in Holistic Healing, and certification in Iridology, Contact Reflex Analysis, Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis and other healing modalities, will offer her experiences with methods of treating cancer. She is a natural Health Consultant and Educator who has founded Benoit and Associates Health Education in l989.

As listeners of” Healing From Within” are well aware, each show and guest offers unique insights into questions that concern our health, emotional and spiritual growth, cycles of life, evolution and change, higher consciousness and answers to age old questions that reflect new perspectives and the means to improve our personal and worldwide handling of modern day concerns. One of the major concerns in the health sector at the present time, seems to be a great increase in the number of cancer cases and as health professionals, we should be seeking to find a combination of alternative healing techniques along with allopathic approaches to this increasing health concern.

One of the natural and powerful treatments for cancer and also a preventative approach may be the Paw Paw Herb. Paw Paw herb is a tropical tree in North America bearing fruit that is supposed to have anti-cancer properties. The acetogenins from the paw paw tree starve the cancer cells of the energy they need to survive and reproduce. In sharing some statistics about the Paw Paw Herb, it has been shown to be 10,000 times stronger on drug resistant breast cancer than the drug adriamyacin and Paw Paw is shown to be 300 times stronger than Taxol on leukemic cells, with less weight loss.

This program is designed to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body, rather than to fight any particular disease. It is only one part of a broad program, including the right diet, being emotionally clear, exercising daily, and other natural health and life building aspects. This program can only enhance the effectiveness and decrease the negative side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Lorene explains that cancer can be beaten naturally. One should only be proactive in his or her own cure.

Sheryl asks Lorene if she has any concerns about the traditional chemotherapy treatments and the effects they have on many patients. Lorene explains on her website, “To many people being diagnosed with cancer it is like a death sentence..people are aware through their experiences with friends and family of the many negative and harmful effects such as feeling extremely ill, hair falling out, and destroying healthy cells as well as cancer cells..emotional trauma, depression, sadness and a sense of general defeat are very prominent effects…even when a patient starts with the greatest attitude, trust and hope in their treatment plan, as months go by and the person looks and feels weaker and sicker…HOPE is hard to hold onto.” Sheryl , as a hospice volunteer for many years has observed the ravaging effects of cancer on hospice patients and their families and is aware of the many side effects of the treatments offered in traditional medicine. In Sheryl’s new book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she addresses healing as a multidimensional experience including the healing of past traumas, wounds to the heart or soul, emotional stresses to our physical conditions, and learning to know that we are more than our physical being and true health reflects the best of the mind-body-soul connection. Sheryl relates the story of one of her Reiki clients in The Living Spirit, suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, only forty two years old, who utilized surgery, chemotherapy, Reiki energy healing sessions each week to help tolerate the effects of the chemo, with a positive heart and attitude towards getting well. She even studied the Reiki healing system and was able to administer healing energy to herself, which kept her calm and focused. She expressed her gratitude for having a tool to assist herself. We feel it would be advantageous to offer people the best of all wisdom in regards to what true healing is and how to find a reason to appreciate life even when in a life-death challenge with serious illness.

We are becoming more aware of the importance of diet on preventing cancer and helping people recover from cancer. A diet that Lorene offers is known as the Diet for Candida, Cancer, Weight Maintenance and overall health. This diet includes, green leafy vegetables, vegetables from red, purple, yellow, white and orange , root vegetables, complete proteins including eggs, poultry, nuts, oils such as flax oil and coconut, dairy products, smoothies, water, and vegetable broth. It seems to Sheryl a well balanced diet is in order with less emphasis on processed foods and sugar.

Lorene tells us a well balanced diet would include ten low glycemic or low carbohydrate vegetables, one protein, and one grain, with two different fruits between meals if desired. Unprocessed salt provides trace minerals, and has none of deleterious effects of processed salt. Even with the best possible diet, daily needs can rarely be met with food alone.

It is known that lung cancer is killing more people- both men and women than many other cancers such as breast cancer, which is receiving much more attention. Lorene explains that taking supplemental B-vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin D reduces the chance of getting lung cancer by 50%.

Sheryl realizes Lorene is suggesting the Paw Paw Program and herbal therapies for people taking treatment into their own hands. She suggests to “consider a consult with a Natural Health Consultant to help you undertake the following suggestions. You know that cancer can be prevented; it can also be reversed. It will require some lifestyle changes and some effort on your part. One important thing is to know that people do heal cancer with natural, time proven remedies and to know and believe that you can beat this disease. Have positive hope, no matter what the prognosis is. Your body is designed to heal itself and become healthy again but it needs full help from you.”

According to Lorene’s website:

“Support the area of the body where the cancer is. You may want to add herbs specific to your type of cancer. For example, for cancer of the prostate, support with Saw Palmetto Extract, Liver with a liver formula, as your NHC recommends.
MOST IMPORTANT: This is the easy part. Follow the Paw Paw program as per directions to start and increase only on the advice of your Natural Health Care Practitioner.
Depending on your cancer, you may be required to take this for 4 months – a couple of years.
For those who have had cancer, maintenance is highly recommended.
Paw Paw can be used along with Allopathic Medical Therapy; in fact it can enhance chemotherapy effectiveness.”

“It is important to work with a natural health care practitioner or consultant who is comfortable working with cancer. The amount of research can be overwhelming. You would not try to strip down your car engine and rebuild it without assistance or previous knowledge. Consider this, as you need to rebuild your body to eliminate cancer or any other disease. A qualified NHC can assist in the optimal selection of a program for you and in monitoring your results. This professional can work with others with whom you choose to share your healing journey.”

Lorene expresses some more dietary suggestions to help people understand how to eat better and improve on all Four Pillars of Health, including exercise, stress reduction methods, and spiritual connections as well as health recipes to follow.

Remove all toxic chemicals from your food, drinks, air, and home as well as hygienic products. Some tips listed in the Paw Paw Program for health Prevention are:

STOP smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, pop, all refined sugars, are the number one step.
Balance pH levels of acid and alkaline – greens are your main ally for this – if you do not have plentiful organic sources of fresh greens, use GreenZone.
Oxygenate and strengthen your blood with Liquid Chlorophyll, macro and trace minerals, EFAs, and other suggested natural supplements.
Take Protease Plus Enzymes to help metabolize protein, keep the blood and lymphatic systems clean and help breakdown cancer cells.
Exercise daily to move your lymphatic system. Your lymph moves only when you do. Even 10 – 15 minutes two or three times a day will help.
Build Immune System with help from your Natural Health Care Practitioner. Astragalus, Colostrum and Silver Shield (silver sol) are all powerful aids for the immune system.
Learn how to nourish the body without feeding the cancer cells. Super Foods will make a difference.
Reduce stress in your life or at the very least, learn how to support your body when under a lot of stress.
Your body needs rest to heal. Take rest breaks during the day and sleep for minimum 8 hours at night. Drink lots of pure water. 6 – 10 glasses a day is usually a good rule to follow, based on weight and activity. Hot water and herbal teas are also good. Water helps flush out the toxins from your body.
If you are strong enough, a variety of cleanses may be suggested for you. Examples: Liver/Blood, Bowel, Parasite, Lymphatic, Yeast or Heavy Metal Cleanses.
Add a natural bowel stimulant with or without fiber if you are not eliminating at least one bowel movement a day. Two – three is better. LBS II is an excellent peristalsis aid.
Detoxify, build, detoxify, build – pay attention to your body to know which to do when.

There has been much talk about whether supplements are actually helpful or perhaps harmful. Lorene wrote an article, Are Your Supplements What you Think and explains what supplements might be necessary and which are being overused. Lorene tells us, “Vitamins are not the problem; they are the solution. Taking supplemental B-vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin D each individually reduces lung cancer by 50%. Vitamin C stops cancer more effectively than chemotherapy. HIV-positive persons taking vitamins are 50% less likely to develop AIDS. And if they do, AIDS patients taking supplements have a 27% lower death rate.”

While we continue to fund raise and spend billions of dollars “finding” and “running for” the cure, it remains obvious to many people that we are not much closer to understanding the true causes or finding less invasive treatments and many people are beginning to wake up to the concerns that are described below:

Cancer is a big business, not in our personal best interests. There are cures that may be safe, effective, and cost a fraction of the traditional western medical approach. The Paw Paw Program, A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer, is one of those….an affordable, effective approach that is well explained in Lorene Benoit’s book.
Vaccines are myths that are making billions for big pharmaceutical companies and may be destroying our health, slowly but surely – this will of course, mean bigger profits for more drugs as our immune systems are weakened. Please see articles that explain vaccine safety issues and present safer ways to strengthen your immune system.
Wireless technology – the latest addition of digital smart meters is destroying our health and privacy, while costing us more money- a concern which health practitioners are now beginning to focus on.

A quote from Lorene which resonates with the goals of “Healing from Within” is; “That’s why I choose not to be well adjusted to the normal. I am well adjusted to achieving so much more in life, including the best health possible for myself, my loved ones, and those who choose to follow this path with me. ”

Lorene and Sheryl have shared our vision of what may help a natural approach for constituting healing, wellness, prevention, and the hope that all medical practitioners in both the allopathic practices, and the traditional alternative modalities will come together as they offer the best approaches now known to man for dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses. Utilizing the many natural approaches for either curing or controlling serious conditions and allowing for a holistic way to heal the body, mind and spirit with the least amount of trauma or hardship to the immune system of the physical emotional and spiritual bodies, should be the goal. It is our hope that the medical community, pharmaceutical companies and educators will find their way past being motivated by profit and issues of the material world only, and advance incorporating more simplified and gently therapies when appropriate. In a technological society witnessing enormous change and progress, it is only fitting that we go beyond our own personal agendas, limited thinking, opinions and prejudices to see the bigger picture and realize that individualized treatment plans instead of routine treatment regimens will be available to aid people struggling with serious illness. The new technologies and treatments, even if it means letting go of old fashioned regimens for cancer, which have been used over the last 40 years, and are still losing the battle, and this includes chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. These treatments are not the only approach, as we have seen in our discussion today. Progress means to go further always utilizing ancient wisdom or natural healing techniques in tandem with allopathic solutions for the purpose of easing suffering and pain. For this to happen, we need everyone to speak out rather than just accept what is being told to them. In other words, healing is the responsibility of the individual, family and the medical support team working cooperatively.