Money and Success

Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving The Credit Crisis – Turn the Tables on Your Local Bank and Get Your Mortgage Your Way!

Did you know…It’s a fact that many people fail to get the best deal possible when shopping for a home loan? It’s true…and they end up paying more in upfront fees and unnecessary interest that can last the entire life of their home loan, primarily, because they don’t know the proper questions to ask when interviewing a lender. Yes…YOU heard me right! You get to interview the lender, not the other way around!

In the past, consumers have been led to believe that banks control the process. Today, more than ever, consumers need to be in the driver’s seat! With just a little research and homework you can “Conquer Your Closing” and know at closing that you got the best deal available and received your “Right Fit Mortgage ™.

Join me today as we discuss:

· How to take back your control and become empowered by learning how the “home buying process” works and how shopping for a lender can save you time, money, and stress.

· Learn the truth about pricing and how “add-ons” to pricing cost you more.

· Insider secrets on how to “Lock-in” and get a lower interest rate.

· Why private mortgage insurance options need to be considered when evaluating which product is best for YOU.

· Learn how to establish a savings habit and why having a financial “back-up” plan is critical.

By planning ahead, you will be more successful at protecting your overall financial health, you will be able to maintain the health and safety of your home, and live a healthier, happier, less-stressed life style.

Wishing you financial success!