Love and Relationships

The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Acting in Tandem

Ever ride a tandem bicycle?

Do you dance the swing, waltz or rumba?

What about a high wire act where you are balancing on the person who is balancing on the tightrope? Ever done THAT before?

Manifesting in Partnership is Kat’s summer topic and exploring it with her husband Curtis is a lot of fun for her. They have now reached the point where ACTION is needed in the manifesting process. Acting in tandem, like riding a bicycle, dancing or performing a high wire act together, can be very tricky. Wouldn’t you agree? How do two very different people take action in tandem for a common purpose and result? How do we stay connected as a couple and keep our individual freedom?

Kat & Curtis describe a recent event in which they needed to take action in tandem yet each had a very different action they wanted to take. How do you manifest in partnership when it’s time to take action and you find yourselves on very different pages???

Listen up and have fun!!!