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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – Understanding And Helping Your Sensory Sensitive Child

I’m sure if you have more than one child, you’ve already figured out that each of your children are different from one another. Or perhaps you have an only child but have observed how your child differs from your friend’s children. You may be wondering why your child becomes easily upset or overwhelmed while you’re friend’s child seems to go with the flow.

Well, just like we are all different as adults, so are children. We used to view babies as clean slates, but we know that’s not so. Little people come into this world with their own personality and temperament, and their own unique nervous system.

Have you noticed that your child is easily set-off by tags in their clothing or certain food textures. Perhaps, they become overwhelmed by noises or crowds. You might have a child that constantly seems to be touching people or things, or loves to give big hugs to another child, who might not appreciate how big the hug was!

Well, you’ve probably heard about children with sensory issues…sometimes referred to as sensory processing disorder, difficulty with sensory integration, or some children are referred to as being oversensitive. Today we’re going to be taking a closer look at the “oversensitive” child…not the child who easily gets their feelings hurt, but the one who has difficulty processing or integrating all that they are taking in.

I’ve invited my guest, Lori Petro, to join my conversation. You might remember Lori from a previous conversation on Wholehearted Parenting when we discussed the importance of childhood messages. Lori is a Speaker, Advocate and Parent Educator. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help families heal the cycle of abuse and trauma through the relationship-building tools of empathy, compassionate communication and peaceful conflict resolution.

As an adult with Asperger’s, Lori understands the demands of parenting kids with special needs and believes that by building strong bonds, we can cross the bridge to understanding the behaviors and needs of all kids. Lori is a sought-after speaker who consults privately with clients, teaches online and shares her insights and information in her weekly TEACHable Moments videos.

After an emotionally challenging childhood and a personal journey toward healing and self-awareness, Lori took her passion for social justice, her degree in education, and a background in entertainment on a mission to change the way we speak to each other. She founded TEACH through Love to raise awareness of the impact of verbal and emotional abuse through parent-teacher education, and media advocacy.

Hope you’ll join us!