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Newt Gingrich

Breakout – Airbnb: The 21st Century Hotel Alternative

In this episode of the Breakout with Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt discusses how
Airbnb is changing the way people travel. Airbnb connects a host who is interested
in renting out a house, apartment, or an individual room to a prospective guest. A
guest can find information on a host by reviewing the feedback left by those who
have stayed in the host’s property. Airbnb is the perfect alternative to a hotel,
especially in a city such as New York or San Francisco. However, prison guards of the
past have attempted to stop Airbnb because it offers what something that the prison
guards tend to hate the most: choice. Despite this, Airbnb continues to remain the
first choice for those looking to save money and enjoy a quality experience at a more
affordable price than a traditional hotel.

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