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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Chef Tips For Saving Time in the Kitchen

Meal time comes and you think, “I am so tired and this is going to take so long.” How would it feel to know you have everything you need to make time in the kitchen go smoothly and relaxing? The skills, the supplies, and even a plan!

Basic skills like handling a chef knife comfortably can be a huge time saver and confidence booster. A little advance planning and shopping can ensure you have the supplies you need on hand to quickly produce a great meal.

This week we talk with Suzanne Landry, author of “Fresh Food Matters” and “The Passionate Vegetable”. Having taught natural foods cooking classes for over 30 years, Suzanne believes in encouraging and educating people to eat more vegetables, high-fiber whole grains and beans, and less meat protein.

Tune in to hear how you can save time in the kitchen and still stick to good eating habits. For more healthy eating recipes and cooking tips visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.