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Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – Higher Brain Living

Dr. Mercy interviews Dr. Drew Neville on the new energy technology of Higher Brain Living. Dr. Drew is part of a cadre of chiropractors and other medical practitioners who are using a method of body stimulation which creates a surge of energy from the fear-based lower brain to the prefrontal cortex – the seat of consciousness, connectedness, confidence, and problem-solving. Once certain physical points are activated, the person can thereafter remain on a higher plane of living. The lower brain and the adrenals are the source of stress, addiction and emotional negativity. Higher Brain Living enables more creativity, passion, and joy in our lives.

Dr. Drew is one of 255 trained facilitators in this movement founded by Dr. Michael Cotton after years of research on the brain and body. Dr. Drew will be presenting in Denver on September 8, Colorado Springs on October 10 and Golden, CO on November 24. Look on the web site Higher Brain Living.com to learn more about facilitator training and persons who can facilitate your own higher energies. Dr. Drew’s enthusiasm is contagious and Dr. Mercy becomes a convert as the interview unfolds.