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Architect of Change -Yoga Use at Work – Stretching & Breathing Tips to Stay Energized

This week on the “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Faith Miller, owner of Yoga With Faith, about Stretching and Breathing Techniques to use at work. They will discuss Yoga and some anatomy basics, 5 stretching exercises & 2 breathing techniques to stay energized and focused at work, benefits of introducing a mantra into your breathing practice, how all of these tips benefit parents and kids both mentally and physically, and how the entire discussion helps us to live in the moment and stay connected to each other.

The 5 Stretching Tips Include:

Get up every hour and stretch
Close your eyes for 10 seconds every hour
Take any opportunity to move your body (example – use the stairs)
Start to become aware of the way you sit (posture, shoulders, tight jaw, etc.)
Get outside to breath fresh air, ground to the earth and get some Vitamin D from the sun
The 2 Breathing Tips Include:
For relaxation
For an energy booster