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Sarah Westall

Business Game Changers – Economic Worries and Turbulent Times – Smart Approaches to Safe Guard and Build your Wealth

Despite five years of recovery, sustained job growth and reductions in the number of unemployed workers, according to a recent study conduct by Rutgers, most Americans are not convinced the economy is improving. At the same time, the market has soared to new heights. How can this be?

This show will discuss some of the current international and global economic issues causing this dichotomy. We will also discuss smart investment methods that you can use to help safe guard and build your wealth. We will be joined by Ryan Lundervold, the owner of Lundervold Enterprises. His firm is a national financial investment and advising firm serving clients all over the country.

You can reach Mr. Lundervold by email at or contact his office at 651-209-1906. His website is