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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Dealing with the Fear of Cancer Recurrence with Kathy LaTour

Fear of cancer recurrence is among the most commonly reported problems and one of the most prevalent areas of unmet needs for cancer survivors. Elevated levels of this fear can cause considerable disruption in social functioning and affect well-being and quality of life, according to research at the National Institutes of Health.With increasing proportions of patients diagnosed with cancer becoming long-term survivors, cancer rehabilitation and survivorship programs must consider offering guidance regarding coping with this fear. This week’s guest, Kathy LaTour, is a two-time cancer survivor, author of The Breast Cancer Companion, performer, award-winning faculty member in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as well as editor of CURE Magazine.
Kathy discusses some of the biggest hurdles facing cancer survivors once treatment has ended, including the fear of recurrence and how that fear manifests itself. She also talks about the impact of fear on caregivers and how family and friends can help someone living with cancer. For more information about Kathy, please visit her website:

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