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The Book of Dad – Living the Successful Single Life..

Being successful is stressful enough; being singly and extremely successful is probably more challenging, or is it? There are simply people out there who make difficult and challenging things look easy, simple and even fun. Managing a skyrocketing career, public appearances, teaching and motivating, coupled with trying to secure the perfect match made in heaven and we get pure and simple energy. I’ve on several occasions mentioned that it is all Jehovah driven, we are following or going with a predestined flow. Today we talk to a truly blessed and talented breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry Ms Brely Evans, with many movie and TV gigs to her credit, she is insightful, informative, and entertaining; listen in as we get into Brely’s cranium on a number of topics, you’ll be impressed and glad you did.

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Brely Evans, an Oakland, California Native is a celebrated Actress, Host, Vocalist and Motivational Speaker on the fast track for superstardom. Primarily known for her roles as Gabriel Union’s best friend “Nichelle Nicholas” on the BET Television Series “Being Mary Jane”, her breakout role was the comedienne sidekick to the Oscar Nominated Queen Latifah “Sabrina” in the critically acclaimed “Just Right”. She also had a key role in the movie “Sparkle” as Tune Ann, best friend of Jordan Sparks’ character. Her power packed resume is only going to get better as she has countless projects on the horizon to include headlining her first movie “The Man in 3B” opposite of renowned actor Lamar Rucker to be released soon. Brely has a host of other accomplishments to include completing a BS from Cal State, numerous public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops designed to enlighten the public on endless topics. She is extremely proud of her parents and the example they have set for her and providing a venue for her to be who she is today. Brely has countless accolades and projects listed on her webpage, and is currently sought after by the industry heavy hitters as a “triple threat talent”. A firm believer in God, she is clearly setting a new standard for industry excellence.

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