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Healing From Within – Accomplishments Academically and Spiritually

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of her newest book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Leonard Goodwin author of Echoes In The Universe. Leonard Goodwin is a retired professor and social psychologist who previously was on the faculty of Earlham College, the staff of the Fulbright Exchange Program, and the staff of Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. Leonard will share certain spiritual experience including that of transmitting energy to the earth from the Sound Angel realm. The interplay of his everyday and spiritual experiences illustrate how challenges orchestrated by Dark Forces including childhood traumas and a near death experience heart attack can be welcomed and embraced and interwoven with opportunities fostered by Light forces to further spiritual development.

Sheryl notices that in reading Echoes in the Universe that Leonard has an unusual family story- early health challenges, extensive educational background and has lived through the major cycles of the past century which he relates to the reader in a truthful and realistic chronicling of world events. Leonard was born in Brooklyn two weeks before the Great Stock Market Crash. He had a four year old sister and a father who was a successful Civil Engineer. At three years old Leonard developed a medical problem with his legs which were bowing. While he was in the hospital he observed other children with various disabilities and as a sensitive child asked the question why is there such suffering in the world? When his parents and doctors decided that surgery was necessary to straighten legs, e was brought to the hospital by his aunt and remembers waking up in a hospital bed in a body cast as both legs had been broken-bone removed above the knee and his legs also were in casts. He was terrified, in pain, and as was the custom of those times, parents often did not discuss issues with children, and Leonard was unprepared for this hospital stay. To make the situation worse, a bout of Scarlet Fever broke out in the ward and his parents were unable to visit him as it was quarantined . Could anything be more damaging to the Soul, especially to a young child’s soul then these physical hurts and the inability to have his parents close by during his recovery? Leonard suffered a loss of trust by events earlier in his life and as depression caused his father to lose his well paying job, they forced to move to a lower middle class neighborhood and Leonard suffered abuse and bullying by children who had many prejudiced beliefs.

Things did change for the family and Leonard was able to have many educational opportunities, travel and even heard Helen Keller speak after Franklin D. Roosevelt died in his fourth term and Harry Truman addressed the nation as the new president and Leonard also oversaw the surrender of Germany on August 6, 1945. Leonard writes about hearing Helen Keller, “She was a tall older woman who spoke slowly in a strange monotone voice but was clearly inspired to support the peaceful development of energy for the use of humanity.”

Exploring how Social Science can help to resolve national problems such as the causes and cures for welfare, Leonard wrote a book, Do the Poor Want to Work?. We still have not worked out all the problems in regard to welfare, people on disability, and how a world power, like the United States, can resolve the economic religious, educational, and spiritual differences that add to these problems.

Leonard describes a near death experience and receiving a message saying he might remain where he was and not die.

Leonard travelled to Calcutta and wrote “The bus from the airport to Calcutta passes miles of shanties which are home to thin, poverty-stricken men, women, children. Next to the road a ditch filled with sewage that also extends for miles which I assume will empty into a septic system…Instead the ditch just comes to an end.” Leonard also mentioned our Western conditioned conscious to be distressed by such things but the reality is nothing much changes in regard to poverty and the world condition.

Sheryl says she is aware that water shortages and the securing of clean water will in the near future could be a catastrophic worldwide problem.

Leonard lived through a time where he observed the Depression of 1929, World War ll, serious childhood health issues which exposed him to the medical practices of that time, and then was able to be part of a lifetime of study and service to improve his own life and world around him. In response to the inauguration of John F. Kennedy in 1961, Leonard writes “Next day the President strikes a theme work for country not self that resonates in the heart of the Nation…In Washington itself new energy, new hope, new life transcend the usual strife But with time the rainbows fade, the castle disappears amidst deceptions, fears, doleful tears….” “YET I know embedded within each day’s reality is that potentiality to rise above the narrow and the mean recapture the dream of service for the good of All.”

Following JFK was Lyndon B. Johnson who announced the War on Poverty and also tried to address Civil Rights legislation spurred on by the non-violent marches of Martin Luther King, the military action in Vietnam lead to expanding the draft which then lead to triggering antiwar movements.

In discussing the challenges of parenthood, Leonard suggests that more could be done to help young adults prepare for parenthood and understanding how to communicate in ways that do not stifle or separate children, or anyone for that matter. These concepts of attitude, spirituality, appropriate ways to bolster children’s sensitivities and to develop people’s intuition, or knowing what is good for their own development, has been missing from most of the educational systems in the world. Leonard and Sheryl believe an understanding of energy, interconnectedness, how words and attitudes affect us, either positively or negatively, a view of how the body believes what the mind says and illness and many diseases as an outcome of stress and poor relationships. Understanding how to respect another person’s spiritual needs as we are all on different levels of development and have multiple types of Intelligence and should respect everyone’s life path even if it doesn’t agree with our own is necessary. The mind body soul connection is poorly understood as is the concept of multi-dimensional healing. Multidimensional healing is creating a balance for understanding that success in life involves our personal recognition of who we are as a soul being, an energetic being and a physical being. When these individual aspects of our human form is merged together, we will be able to make choices to succeed in any life challenge or experience as we will understand the laws of energy and ethical ways to live with our families and friends. A more mindful and kind approach to living, sharing, and co-existing- pushing back the walls of separation instilled in us by gender, religion, race, socioeconomic factors and moving towards unity or oneness and simply being open to everyone’s feelings with a new sensitivity to self and others is the goal.

Leonard found, after taking a meditation course at Barre, Massachusetts, that he was receptive to this form of Vipassana Meditation from India. During the first meditation period, Leonard had a vision which he recorded as a poem and he greatly appreciated this method to go within to his deepest intuitions. He had an Energetic healing experience with Rosalyn Bruyere. a Reiki Master Teacher, and Leonard’s relationship to his own fragile legs and the surgeries and scars and memories within the cells from the experience was greatly released and his daughter Rachel, who had knee problem was also greatly assisted by the energy healing.

Sheryl and Leonard have shared an understanding of healing and an awareness of recognizing the value of a spiritual side to human existence. Professor Goodwin, whose academic accomplishments are distinguished and extensive, an intellectual, an academic, and man who searched for knowledge took him beyond the academic world to the world of Spirit. Learning how to heal on an energetic level leads to healing on a physical and emotional level and more than that, the sharing by Leonard of his childhood trauma and lack of sensitivity by the adults in his family and the medical profession show us how important it is to be truthful most especially with young children as they are souls who are much more knowing than we often give them credit for. Trust and communication in all areas of our lives is the only motivating force for evolving and knowing who we are as Spiritual Beings and becoming conscious and caring individuals… eventually finding our way home. Leonard writes;

“Born in a given country a given town to one set of parents We become attached To those that nurture us The landscape around us No place like home

Cultivating only local attachments Or regretting them Or pining for them when they break Can leave us dull To experiences of people Towns, countries Beyond

Can leave us almost unaware How our breath mingles with the whole How our steps echo through the Universe With familiar ring No place like Home”

Guest: Leonard Goodwin

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