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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery discussed in detail by Dr Lycka and Dr Ghersi

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery remains at number 2 or 3 in popularity for cosmetic surgery, but it has the biggest impact upon a person’s appearance. It is technically complicated surgery and added to that it must also look great too so there is a lot of artistry and creativity required by the surgeon as well as technical excellence. It’s a while since we have talked about Rhinoplasty so this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Marcelo Ghersi, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Miami, Florida. Dr Lycka & Dr Ghersi talk about all aspects of Rhinoplasty, not just cosmetic reasons such as minor shape adjustments or making them smaller, or even bigger, but also repairing them after trauma and other medical reasons why nose surgery is needed. They discuss the importance of the technical and artistic ability of the surgeon and the difficulties involved in nose surgery to get the best results and which patients make the best candidates for the surgery. An excellent half hour to help you learn much more about Rhinoplasty.

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.