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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – Get Real about Hiring Part 2 – A Hiring Guide to transform how you build your team

As we discussed in the previous show, most small business owners kind of stink at hiring. Yes, I said stink, and that’s the truth! They are reactive and they go on gut instead of having a system, and as a result they typically waste thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every year as a direct result of bad hires.

In this second part of our two part show, we fill in the rest of the critical steps you need to incorporate into your hiring, and toward the end I will you how to get a HUGE discount on the very best personality testing for hiring that I have ever used – the company I direct all my private clients to, and I’ll give you what you need to get a more than 60% discount on their testing services.

Ready to transform your hiring forever? Let’s go!