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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Mark Anthony: The Psychic Lawyer

Psychic abilities, like the force of gravity, UFOs, or any number of other phenomena, either exists or it doesn’t. In each instance, using a process called the scientific method, we look at the evidence in support of the theory, and ask a number of questions: Is the phenomenon repeatable? Is there a way to test it? Prove it true or false? Can it be explained within a broader theoretical framework? By this approach (or one like it), we know things like the forces of nature exist beyond question; UFOs are still under review. Psychic abilities, however, reside in a strange borderland: the evidence continues to build that many people do have a “sixth sense” and are able to read minds, communicate with spirits, or experience mental dimensions off-limits to most people. But today the problem is that science lacks a theoretical framework to explain psychic events. Physicists, for example, can measure no particle or force that is transmitted between minds in telepathy and cannot observe a so-called spiritual world. But then the question becomes whether theory is simply lagging behind experience: perhaps psychic abilities are factually true and the current failure of science to explain them is a shortcoming of science, not a reason to disparage anyone who claims to be a psychic. This week’s guest, Mark Anthony is a lawyer, psychic, popular media personality, and author of Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side. His legal training has honed his ability to think critically about what it means to be a psychic. He was raised in a psychic family and knows the power is real. Listen in as Philip Comella talks with Mark about his experiences as a psychic and how the resistance to accepting the reality of this phenomena is slowly diminishing, perhaps opening the door to a new worldview. .