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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Traveling the Roadways Of Your Heart

In today’s episode of Healing from Within your host Sheryl Glick author of her recently released book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love is pleased to welcome Doug “Ten” Rose, also known as “Ten” which is short for Tenzin Kharma Trinley. Sheryl and Doug will discover how he came to that name, “Ten” in his book Fearless Puppy On American Road. Ten is also the author of Reincarnation Through Common Sense where he describes how the rural monks and nuns of a forest temple adopted a troubled soul from Brooklyn, New York.

Ten will discuss the hitchhiking adventures that he experienced while covering America’s highway’s. He has survived heroin addiction and death and is a graduate of over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever driving a car, owning a phone or having a bank account. When we say to find Spirit we need to walk the road of our own destiny and true path this seems to fit Ten ideally.

Ten had an abused upbringing in his earlier life. As a teenage drug dealer and seeing that all the people in his neighborhood were either in jail or dead and had forgotten how to have fun, there was way too much suffering.

After attending eight different colleges and universities, Ten found that he learned more in other peoples cars and in thirty five years of hitchhiking across North America… Ten writes; “I grew up in Coney Island Brooklyn living in a city environment without space and quiet like in the country and this type of living causes people to worry and alter their ability to relax and trust in the goodness in life..everything in the city is hard, straight-lined and regimented.”

Doug “Ten”, says the 1960’s produced a widespread cultural revolution, sponsored by LSD. Music and philosophical mysticism were the parents and Ten was its child.. Ten also writes “The Earth’s best energy was exploding as a love fest created by a progressive youth that thought it was in the process of building a new world. Peaceful hopes, free love, ganja and a desire for reconciliation between man and Universe were forcing their way into the American psyche. Women’s rights, racial equality, sexual freedom, and also an atmosphere of freedom, and trust counterbalancing the worldwide chaos were the themes of the day. An opportunity to be Human again and embrace Brotherhood and noble values….The more idealistic among us actually considered Kindred Spirits to include everyone in the human race. Sheryl’s younger sister was caught up in the Spirit of Change and Unconditional Love…Sheryl was caught up in the systems of production and the Status Quo until she began to become aware of coincidences, synchronicities and mystical experiences, realizing the inner world of energy and spirit needed to be in alignment with the physical world of everyday living for best results. After Sheryl studied Reiki energy healing and began to download information from this higher informational plane of spirit, she realized consciousness survives physical death. The bigger picture of Life and Death changed dramatically giving way to the understanding that the Universal Nature of our energetic soul force is driving us to experience challenges in life for the purpose of refining our soul presence. Sheryl was in a position now through her many work experiences and travels in the world to delve deeply into philosophical and spiritual realities. In her new book The Living Spirit Sheryl hopes to expose readers to techniques for channeling their own higher awareness of these energies and the gift of life in order to manifest their own divine destiny.

Ten mentions he has met many interesting people along the road such as; Tibetan Lamas, specialists in smoke mirrors and invisibility, domestic violence and domestic solutions, Native American Wise men, and many other strangely wonderful people.

The training Ten received from Gape Lama, Lama Ontul, Rinpoche and Tashi Dolma and Lama Traga, and Rinpoche of the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism who taught Ten how to stay focused, finish something, expand his ability to recognize the things that are worth the effort and have been the example of goodness. When Ten first started out on the road, he met a man named Paul who was in the middle of a bad divorce, lost his children and was living alone in a big country house. Ten spoke to him with words that implied all he had to do was to be happy…“All of your life has been responsibility and stress. Responsibility is a wonderful thing but not to exaggerate it to the point where it makes your life a misery. The folks you are providing for, your children give meaning to all the effort you put into taking care of them but your children don’t want you to be depressed, stressed out or die young for them. Everyone is better off if you stay happy stable and alive for them” Sheryl believes this quote from Ten given to Paul is simple, sensible and seeming true.

Ten would define magic and the place it plays in any awakening process or spiritual practice as objective reality and common sensed. Spirit is defined as a functional friend without the fairy dust.

One certainly dangerous story of Mary who first traveled with Ten on the road, happened when Ten and Mary accepted a ride from a trucker Dexter who was on his way to New Orleans. It wasn’t long before Dexter expressed his hatred for “hippies and black people.” Ignorance and hate seemed to go hand in hand with him. His truck got a flat tire and Ten was able to tell him that they had decided to go to Florida instead. Ten experienced great fear for himself and for his companion Mary.

One of the colonies Ten lived in for seven years was in Florida. Ten felt it was an example for how to truly unify different factions or groups of people together. Both the old and young partied together, helping each other by using each of their skills to assist. Not a single person thought any other person in the community was less worthy of respect. The colony showed Doug how similar human beings are in spite of their differences…it taught him that mutual respect, consideration and a lack of egotistical arrogance or selfishness are the keys to living a happy life.

Doug, or Ten, met Tyrone who was driving an elaborate Mustang and made a very strong impression on Ten as he shared his ideas about love and pain. Tyrone expressed to Doug that the wisdom of experience will eventually show that although love and pain might be better off as opposites, they actually define each other here on Earth. This simply confirms what Sheryl expresses in her new book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which suggests two basic emotions fear or love and all other emotions are but variations of these two opposite energies. A state of love and wellbeing can be maintained and returned to if we do not allow ourselves to be drawn into the lower vibrations of fear- anger jealously rage hate and other negative emotions. We might experience it but do not need to embrace and engage it for long.

Ten describe the three types of communication that is possible when travelling with his host. The three types are: shallow conversation, deep conversation and silence. The shallow conversation may be more based on religion and politics, as these seem to be the most popular subjects in human dialogue, the deep conversations may be based on personal stories, opinions, or beliefs and values, while silence is having the conformability to not have to engage in conversation.

Some of Doug’s ideas on Religious Distortion and Political Malfeasance are that almost every religion implies we are waiting for someone to come save us. Doug thinks that we need to be saving ourselves first and our fellow humans by humane and divine behavior eliminating the negative emotions and behaviors and focusing on the best of our actions and behaviors. Doug writes about the political structure or hierarchy that the self-interest of the rich and powerful in any and every society seems to have consistently required …the compromise or martyrdom of that society’s authentic leaders, personalized temptation for money, power, sex, and wealth leads to the sacrifice of moral priorities. Sheryl reminds us of an old quote…” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Ten met a Native Elder know as Eli who told him that the spiritual truth known to his people would be learned by many now in this New Age of Aquarius. The truth of being an Native American or indeed any member of any group of people isn’t a matter of physical birth within a race, tribe or bloodline. It is a matter of heart, a matter of that person loving beautifully, peaceful and in a state of harmony and that all things in existence are part of a greater family that connects in Spirit and has to be more than a realization. It has to mean having the strength compassion and skills to direct one’s life to make choices that abide with that wisdom and being able to ask Spirit for Guidance and grateful enough to accept it.

Doug mentions “Good Medicine” is good life that includes mental development, peace, fearlessness and a philosophy that overcomes negativity and drama. It focuses on the happiness and wisdom for all creatures. When Native Americans say medicine, they mean it to be something different than it does in modern civilization. Our definition of medicine is more multidimensional, meaning more than attacking the symptoms of illness or the physical body but encompassing the fabric of life interconnections energy and life force aura purification and energy fields. We teach good nutrition proper breathing techniques in conjunction with nature and a good relationship between each human and nature.

When Ten and Mary arrived in Eugene, Oregon they went to Vipassana Meditation Center. Vipassana comes from India and is reputed to be the historical Buddha’s system of breathing and meditation and literally means to see things as they really are. It is not a religion but its goal is to eliminate mental impurities for the purpose of eliminating suffering..each religion tries to help heal human suffering but perhaps it is a personal and individualized skill or mindset that takes time and effort to develop and a balanced compassionate state of mind that accepts certain life cycles and issues as normal such as illness, old age and death. As awareness increases fear and illusion decreases ..there is a link between the mind and body and a silent observation of the body’s sensations which can help a person determine which experiences places and people help to accommodate a loving happy state of being as opposed to a fragmented unhappy and frightened state of being..this Awareness is a powerful step towards living according to your personal needs and objectives.

It is mentioned in Fearless Puppy on American Road, that Pre-Christian Europe was a peaceful tribal matriarchal society of natural beauty. This was all changed and justified by man- the conquest of territory added up to the most barbaric of man’s instincts and actions. To justify this greed and uncivil behavior, man said in order to preserve social order and public compliance we need to suppress the masses and the wealth will then be held by a few..good people were slaughtered and much ancient wisdom was lost by new religions that called the others “Godless” and “Savage” even as they murdered and stole in the name of God…Sad.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing from Within” Sheryl and Doug have shared a path like the one Forest Gump did in the movie Forest Gump- “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.” However, as Ten found out it is not as important as what one gets as what one gives and share and enjoy in every interaction with each person and in finding the good within oneself and others. Ten writes “It is time to wrap this book up now and get on to the next one. New horizons await. My hitchhiking thumb will rest long enough for me to catch an airplane to Asia. I’ve managed to gather enough money for a ticket. My life in America has gotten more difficult during the past year or so. No big deal. A lot of it is just minor personal stuff. Details aren’t important. Most of the malfunctions are the result of not paying enough attention to what’s happening around me and who made it happen. A few folks that I thought I could trust turned out to be untrustworthy. Trust is a wonderful thing. But one has to realize and admit to the truth, even if it is not the truth one would like to see. If trust is tempered with prudent reality as opposed to being coupled with subjective prejudice and blind desire, it usually works out pretty well.” Ten and Sheryl would like you to remember whether it is personal, organizational, family dynamics or national agendas following your highest intuitions in alignment to Universal Spiritual Laws including compassion, feelings of love and honor will lead us to our best life and allow each of us to accept and surrender to all circumstances with courage and hope moving forward as always.