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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Being GUTSY is the New Normal

Do you know that certain family patterns are limiting you in your interpersonal relationships, your most important love relationship and even limiting your career success. By breaking old patterns of thinking and behaving, and getting clear about what you believe, you can break those old patterns that are keeping you stuck or limiting you in some way in your life today.

In today’s episode we’re gong to talk about being GUTSY!

My guest today is Dr. Sylvia Lafair who is President of Creative Energy Options, Inc. (a global consulting company that targets and transforms workplace patterns for success) and the author of Don’t Bring It To Work, and GUTSY: HOW WOMEN LEADERS MAKE CHANGE”

If you even think you might want to add some “Gutsy” to your life, join me for a conversation with the GUTSY expert!