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Menu For Great Health – The Call of The Farm

Life on a country farm conjures up a romantic image; quaint red barn, peaceful animals in the yard, fields of crops in the sun, right? Close, but not quite. Add in lots of hard work an long days and you’ll have a more accurate description. One thing is for sure, there is an abundance of fresh, wholesome food.

Stop to visit a farmers market and you’ll see tables piled with a variety of freshly harvested produce. Food so fresh and abundant it inspires healthy cooking and eating. With a few key techniques such as marinating, making a pan sauce, or creating a dressing for raw vegetable dishes you can enjoy your own experiments with farm to table cuisine.

This week we talk with Rochelle Bilow, author of “The Call of The Farm: An unexpected year of getting dirty, home cooking, and finding myself” (and some true romance too!). As designated cook for the farmhands, Rochelle put her formal chef training to good use . She will share her insights from the farm along with some of her favorite recipes.

Tune in as we take a trip to the farm kitchen and learn how you can capture the romance of farm life. For more healthy eating recipes and cooking tips visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.