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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – Ministry Revisited

Mixing ministry with business and turning ministry into business appears to be an ever evolving experience or enterprise. Far more evangelists are emerging as folk heroes and outright stars. The mantra of spirited sermons, documented antidotes and appropriately timed bible verses have made the T. D. Jakes(s), Creflo Dollar(s), Jole Olsteen(s) and Joyce Meyers(s) of the world (or their ministries) multimillionaires. At the extreme end, they become movie producers and recently, at nearly mockery proportions the “Preachers of LA” appear to satisfy the self serving end of religious spiritual peddling. But, then again, there are those who use their ministry for its intended purpose, to galvanize. Today we talk with “The Galvanizer” Apostle Rachel Watson of Kingdom Consultants.

Apostle Rachel Watson

A Galvanizer is defined as one who inspires others. It means to arouse or stimulate action. This term aptly describes Apostle Rachael Watson. At the age of 15 years old, came to understand that her purpose was to help others. She strives to walk in her purpose daily by inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to live a fulfilled life through Developing and growing in a personal walk with God and Pursing their Purpose. She challenges them to overcome obstacles to their purpose by addressing the “giants in their land” head on. Fear, Doubt, Poverty, Rejection, Approval Addiction and more hinder and prevent many from going forward into the greatness and destiny that God has awaiting them in their purpose and she deems it her mission to help them overcome them all.

Her purpose is exemplified in every facet of her life’s work. As a preacher and Co-Founder of Word & Spirit Kingdom Training Center, she and her husband Apostle Michael Watson teach and encourage listeners to discover their Identity in the Kingdom of God so that they may take full advantage of the rights, benefits and privileges that Kingdom Citizenship affords them. As a Self-Publishing Consultant, she and Michael assist and inspire authors to make their dreams of becoming a self-published author a reality and to reach the levels of success they desire as an authors. As a Fulfillment Coach through her media ministry, Rachael Watson Ministries, she motivates and empowers others to pursue their purpose, grow into spiritual maturity and live the life of fulfillment that God desires for them.

This purpose extends to her family as she inspires and supports her family as they seek and walk in their purpose. She and Michael are the proud parents of 5 Awesome kids-Jason, Michael, Trinity, Tre and Mikayla. She takes her purpose seriously and is determined to do all that God has assigned her to do. Her greatest desire is to have the testimony of Enoch…that she pleased God.The Book of Dad 9/22/2014

Reach Apostle Rachel Watson on twitter @raegalvanizes