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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism – What To Do When The Neighbors Don’t Understand

Vince is upset because his son is being seen as an inconvenience. The neighbors want quiet and his son likes to jump and moan. This father joins the show to share his frustration and seek a community of support. Lynette is a close family friend.  Vince received a note of complaint. This is a known occurrence in the world of neighboring with special needs and needs to be stopped. Together Lynette and Vince try to find a new way to deal with this type of ‘neighborly’ behavior.

Following Vince we have Kevin Mohler of legal shield and the newly constructed American Autism Center. Kevin is a take action uncle that wanted to make raising autistic children easier. He watched his nephew trudge from therapy to therapy and decided to build a center full of complimentary therapeutic approaches.

Kevin and Vince are admirable for different reasons. This is a show worthy of note and attention. If you have dealt with problems getting legal help, or neighborly support or felt frazzled dragging your child from place to place in search of help this is the show for you.

In Stories From The Road Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad teaches us how to rewrite the story of neighbor abuse.

Today’s question: How do we stop the abuse?

Today’s answer: Stop participating in it!