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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – Standing Out Against Negativity

Ever notice people how some people never seem to fit in? It’s difficult to categorize them less the obvious demographic they belong to, put them in a box or make them stay in their lane.  In most cases I’ve seen and know of (self included), this dilemma is because they are not supposed to fit in, fall in  and conform. Rather, they are meant to stand out.  And, not stand out in the cold, alone, ostracized or isolated. They are meant to use their Jehovah delivered talents to get behind, or out in front of a cause.  They are meant to pull together and orchestrate the activities of many with like interests, goals and objectives.  Today we talk with accomplished and renowned singer, songwriter, author, evangelist and motivational speaker Deborah “Debra” Hightower.  Debra uses her Jehovah delivered talents and influence to get behind the fight against the “oldest profession”, prostitution and other problems plaguing  our society.  With the help of “Wellspring Living“, an organization whose mandate is to repair the lives of  young prostitutes, Debra talks up reform and support for an upcoming (October 2nd, 2014) event to address the problem.

About Deborah Hightower:

Debra is an accomplished, singer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker and evangelist. Highly successful, her work has been used for musical sound tracks for both movies and television.  She was recently honored with the “Put a Bow on It” award for her philanthropic work in assisting homeless people.  Currently residing in Atlanta Georgia, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, minor in Communications; Master’s Degree in Organization and Management and is well on her way to completing a PhD in Leadership. She holds several professional designations in the financial arena as well.  Debra specializes in diversity and sensitivity consultation, client development, and employee motivation. She helps corporations and organizations expand their business development to meet the changing demographics of society.  She also advises in the realm of asset growth and retirement planning for management and employees.  A champion for the cause against prostitution, she is committed to squashing this age old problem, she a key organizer and principal in fostering awareness, prevention and support systems.  Debra is married with two adult daughters. This brief vignette pales to tell her story, be sure to visit her website…