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Astrological Cook

Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Learn Where You are Coming From So You Can Get Where You Need to Go with Past Life Regression!

I always tell my clients that you don’t want to keep incarnating and winding up back in the “third grade” of life. Find out how you can move forward by knowing who you were and what type of lives you led. Today’s show will tell you how to make meaningful transformations in life by taking a step back. My guest is Richard Stammler , a wonderful past life regressionist, with the Warrenton Inner Healing Center who will discuss the quantum aspects of transformational work.


Transformation isn’t complete until you work on your  personalized “Astrological Bucket List.”  Check out the most important bucket list under the Sun on my new website.  Sure you can read every classic every written and climb the tallest mountain, but what is your soul asking you do this time around? That is what the Astrological Bucket List can show you!