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Big Game Selling

Mia Doucet

Big Game Selling – The Inside Scoop into Securing Whale Contracts

This conversation will be of special interest to salespeople and sales managers of big-ticket B2B sales that require that you sell your product within various departments of the client’s organization . . . especially if the sales process is taking too long. Mia Doucet’s guest is Johannes Ritter, Partner, Solution Matrix Ltd and author of The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Budget Approved! – Measure Intangibles to Calculate Your ROI Business Case. Johannes walks you through the 3 steps to your business case—which is the legwork required to keep control of the sales process. You will hear some interesting case studies and will also get priceless insights into dealing effectively with purchasing managers. Listen for the generous special offer Johann makes exclusively for listeners of this program (since, as he says, most salespeople don’t like to read!).

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