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Business Game Changers – MLM has a 99.7% failure rate – Is it a scam or a good business opportunity?

Network Marketing, or MLM, is a huge and growing industry. 56 million people in over 100 countries participate in this $100 billion dollar industry.  MLM business owners and some of their distributors are making enormous amounts of money.

Because of this, MLM owners and their leading distributors are selling distributorships as a great business opportunity for people looking for extra income or to replace their current jobs. But, with 99.7% failure rates, is it fair to sell it this way? This show welcomes Dr. Jon Taylor, President of the Consumer Awareness Institute to discuss this important topic.

For more information visit the Consumer Awareness Institute’s website. It features research and relevant information on over 500 MLM businesses. You can also reach Dr. Jon Taylor directly at the contact information below.

Dr. Jon M. Taylor

Phone: (801) 298-2425