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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – A Plan of Creation?

Description: Particles do not make plans, but minds do. In the worldview of materialism, ultimate reality consists of things, and hence there is no purpose in evolution, and the universe is heading nowhere except toward a “heat death” where the stars, including the sun, run out of fuel.  On the other hand, if a mind is at the source of creation, then there likely is a plan, since minds tend to think ahead. This leads to the question of whether there really is a “plan of creation” (perhaps even one of God) and whether we are part of that plan, but simply have not figured it out yet.  In his book, The Dei Legacy: Wisdom from the DEI – the Divine Creation and Redemption Plan,  this week’s guest, Rico Paganini, talks with Philip Comella about his own deep insights into the plan of creation and how humankind is nearing a true spiritual breakthrough.