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Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

Dr. Randy Radio Pet Vet – How dogs and cats can shape our immune system

On this installment of Radio Pet Vet Dr. Randy and Pauly B. welcome Dr. Raison, head of the University of Arizona’s Psychiatry Department, to discuss the benefits of canines in relation to the good bacterias in our bodies. Be the first to get the facts on this ground-breaking study as Dr. Raison explains the connections between our neural network and how external influences, specifically pet ownership, shape our immune system. Also in the program are discussion about the differences between good and bad bacteria, and how to help fund the study. Dr. Randy also gives advice on kelp supplementation, kidney disease, howling cats, and litter box problems and much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Just look for DrRandyPetVet.