Money and Success

Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting a grip on time: Do more with less – ‘Where does the money go? – how to take back control of your finances’

The Holy Grail for almost everyone is to have stress-free financial freedom – but what does that mean and how can we achieve it?

The two things people constantly say they don’t have enough of are time and money – and the two are linked. If we know how to manage our money, no matter how much we have (or don’t have), it will influence where we invest our time and how we live our lives.

Lynda Moore is both an accountant and a psychologist who’s invested huge amounts of time and resources to solve this puzzle, including becoming a mentor in the New Money Story® program developed by internationally respected mentor and coach, Dr David Kreuger. She and her partner Simon Lempriere have cracked the code!

Listen to Lynda explain how 80% of financial management is what goes on in your head rather than how much goes through your hands. You’ll be delighted with the simple strategies she shares that will get you solidly on the path towards financial independence.