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Healing From Within – Sexual and Universal Enlightenment

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answer for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver authors of Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy and as we will discover it is the Universal sexual life force energy which is at the core of Universal consciousness and creation and eventually as humans we become aware of our own existence ultimately finding our way to use this life force energy to integrate one’s sexual emotional and spiritual being.

Elsbeth, Freddy and Sheryl will explore sexual energy in its physical manifestation and recognize that not only is it unique, but that it is a creative pleasurable force and can be accessed when we are in any loving space, viewing a beautiful landscape or piece of art or anything that brings us joy. We will discuss energy and its many forms, sexual energy in history and science and the differences between humans and animals and their relationships with sexual energy.

In the introduction to Sexual Enlightenment, Freddy tells of his earlier life and the imprints by family life on his teenage understanding of sex and the questions he had. While in San Francisco, Freddy, in his late teens, sat with a group of family and friends a blend of Tantric curious individuals who had attended his father’s workshops..his father was a psychiatrist and student of Tantra surrounded by a supportive and open-minded community of family friends. Freddy took the opportunity to ask his father about things that happened during his first sexual experience.

In Germany, in a less open minded environment, Elsbeth waited in the doctor’s office to explain why her first intercourse had been excruciatingly painful, As a child she had enjoyed a sense of freedom in her body which changed drastically upon entering puberty. Conversations about sex were not customary in her household. Her father made her budding sexual interests seem to be the road to her downfall. Her father received a bill from the gynecologist and knew his teenage daughter was sexually active…she was harshly reprimanded. Thirty years later she felt trapped in a cycle of attraction to unavailable men and lacked hope of ever finding a sustaining love relationship. In her soul searching into the ancient practice of Tantra she was able to see her unconscious programming around love and intimacy and came to develop trust in herself and see that she no longer needed to look for love outside…she had discovered love within as a state of Being. Two different beginnings and they found love from within their own personal development as spiritual beings connected by Universal Energy.

Sexual enlightenment is distinguished by two dimensions… The first dimension involves sexual life force energy which brings forth life in all that is alive—human beings, animals, and plants. This energy is at the core of universal consciousness and is a built in knowingness given by nature, the Divine or eternal consciousness. Sexual life force or Universal Energy is the spark of creation that got us here. The second dimension involves the human capacity to be self-reflective or aware of one’s own existence particularly of one’s life-force energy that is sexual in nature, which allows for integrating one’s sexual, emotional, and spiritual being. Unlike animals humans have the potential to bring awareness and consciousness to their sexual selves feelings and thoughts going beyond the mere physical sensations and behaviors of procreative sex to using this energy not only in sexual acts but for everything that is unique creative and pleasurable.

In Sheryl’s new book, The Living Spirit, she describes who we are, being the sparks of Divine Universal Energy or the creative force of life from which man manifested from spirit to a physical life and as such has a connection to this loving energy and can download information from this higher vibrational dimension of life. Creativity, improved health, improved relationships, prosperity, success and discovering a bit of heaven while here on earth… the peace love and compassion that is already part of our soul energy. In The Living Spirit, energy as thoughts and action or behavior is everything and in proper usage is the key to improving all aspects of our lives.

Described below are the many forms of energy:

Electrical energy…lights up the sky during thunderstorms and illuminates our homes at night.
Kinetic energy…sends a ball flying through the air when we hit it with a bat.
Chemical energy…. Drives our bodies systems and keeps us moving physically.
Thermal energy… can heat our houses and the food we eat.

However absence from this traditional view of energy, human energy, as pointed out in their book, manifests in our bodies and consciousness is missing. Human life force energy is sexual in nature and encompasses feelings in the body that range from subtle to intensely aroused…This energy can be used to create good health, well-being, fulfilling relationships, aspirations, and careers.


In Sexual Enlightenment Breath… Meditation… and Energy Awareness… are described for fuller expression and understanding of our internal dynamics for feeling and perceiving life.

The Three methods are described below:

Using breath consciously: as a tool is the first step to entering the mindful world of sexual energy. Deep breathing into the abdomen can activate the parasympathetic or involuntary nervous system. This slows down the heartbeat relaxes the muscles and we drop out of the head into the body…we quiet the chatter of the mind and become witness to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations

Meditation: Many meditation practices lead to the same intended outcome being able to be present and at peace with what is. ..Sexual meditation is probably the most difficult form to master as we are so used to getting caught up in the excitement and drama of sex. To become sexually enlightened you have to move past this and become aware of non-aroused and aroused energy. This type of meditation allows us to know what unconsciously runs us so we can make new choices and shift what we wish to shift in ourselves and our relationships. We may become aware of where we are regarding sexual energy as it relates to fear guilt embarrassment and shame all of which holds us back from attaining what we want in life.

Energy Awareness and Sexual energy: also a form of creativity and pleasure running through our physical body..when we become aware of it we can begin to channel it in our intentions and actions in a more advanced state beyond the state of arousal bringing greater consciousness to oneself and deeper fulfillment to one’s relationships. Just as yoga focuses in the West on the physical body Tantra Yoga and TantraNova focus on the energy body/When we integrate these energy fields we exist in a state of wholeness, don’t experience blockages, and life force energy can move freely from one center to another balancing the heart and mind allowing us to finally know who we are.

As Freddy and Elsbeth say, and as Sheryl as an energy practitioner and medium knows, most people are not aware that energy exists both within and around them. The energetic dimension of our human existence and these higher frequenciest tie us all together. As a force of nature life force energy has been around since the dawn of creation It has been spoken of in many the Chinese tradition it is called chi; in Sanskrit, Kundalini: in Vedantic philosophy, prana: in Hawaiian culture mana: in Tibetan Buddhism, Lung; in the Japanese culture, Reiki: in Western philosophy, vital energy: and in modern pop culture, The Force. Some of these terms are used in practices such as tai chi, qigong, Reiki sessions, or Kundalini yoga.

Energy in the physical body is experienced in terms of sensations: pain or pleasure..the nervous system can be thought of as an electrical grid equipped with sensors. These somatic reactions or sensations are correlated to feelings and emotions that are trigged as a result of sensations in the body. Energy in the Emotional Body is experienced in terms of feelings such as anger resentment regret joy love and peace. Feelings and emotions are brought on by triggers either from the outside or from a thought or memory. Energy in the mental body manifests in terms of” Interpretations or Stories” that may be triggered by external circumstances or Internal Mind Chatter, or conversations assigning meaning to people, things, and events in our lives. An example would be of a car pulling out right in front of you.. one person might react with anger while another person might just chalk it up to an error in judgment or an oversight on the part of the driver and not react at all.

In Sexual Enlightenment, there is a technique mentioned at the Tantra Nova which is called Recall which can help reevaluate present experiences and reactions from past experiences. This technique entails the un-collapsing of present experiences from the past via a guided process as they relate to love sex and intimacy. Participants connect with their personal stories through accessing feelings in the emotional body, sensations in the physical body and stories or interpretations in the mental body. This process allows for a cellular shift to the nervous system that in turn alters a person’s physical emotional and mental body. This is the process Sheryl also uses throughout intuitive readings and Reiki sessions which help to release unwanted or misinterpreted feelings sensations and interpretations of past life challenges or traumas. (the avoidance of feeling what we feel particularly when these feelings are unpleasant can produce suppression on the emotional level, tightness on the somatic or physical level and mental blocks on the intellectual level. ..avoidance makes us stagnate leaving us stuck in states of unrest keeping us from living life fully and joyfully….

Elsbeth and Freddy have written… “We consider these feelings and sensations indicators of our energetic body which is just as real for each of us as our physical body, yet we have learned to disregard or dismiss our emotions and rationalize what goes on within us. And often we push aside or ignore the very concerns that might activate blocks in our energy centers. This in turn has us experiencing disconnects in our outer life such as problems in relationships, dissatisfaction with our jobs or even physical illnesses that can at times be serious in nature.”

This is why being aware of our physical emotional and mental bodies and the way energy works to either sustain a healthy life experience or create major upsets is an important way to understand physical and spiritual or inner Life.

Since sexual life force energy is creative and pleasurable in nature and is not only related to the sexual act “What is the key in developing our abilities to recognize and benefit from our life force energy.” The key may manifest in subtle nonsexual experiences such as feeling a warm breeze on one’s skin, enjoying watching a child build a sand castle seeing a person you like and smiling and sharing a joke, watching a sunset…simply by developing conscious awareness of what creates pleasant and meaningful sensations, memories and feelings within.

Many people equate love with a romantic partner or familial love for a parent sibling or relative but in their work at TantraNova, Elsbeth and Freddy identify love as a state of being. We all seek to give and receive love but most of us are unaware of the full range and possibilities love provides. Love is the beauty of the Soul said Saint Augustine… “I am love,” I love and I am loved…there is no difference between the three different expressions. Love means we come from a place of compassion and empathy for ourselves and others so we may experience love for ourselves and our fellow travelers. In other words we must love ourselves first so we may love one another. Being love calls for an evolved state of consciousness..this is central to growing up and maturing as a human being….this requires the willingness and commitment to face ourselves and our survival fears that have us looking for love attention and recognition outside ourselves.

We access this state by starting to listen to the 4th chakra the love center, the heart or area where the frequency or vibration of the emotion of life originates in our body….this center is also associated with honesty respect compassion understanding and generosity which resonate with the state of love. A lack of love over a long period of time can lead to ailments in our physical emotional and spiritual sense…can turn into a heart attack or lung issues sadness, depression or create anger and jealously for those who are loving and experiencing love.

Moving beyond the notions or illusions of love such as needing or being dependent on love, we grow into the experience of love or Universal of life and Self.

Freddy and Elsbeth describe how there can be a collapse of love and sex as a romantic relationship changes and as men and women are physically and emotionally wired differently it seems women have greater pain and sorrow when our expectations of romantic love are no longer fulfilled.

Freddy and Elsbeth explain clearly these differences so it may become easier for our listeners to understand their emotions in regard to Romantic Love. Women tend to confuse sexual experience with emotional experience more automatically..In contrast most males’ nervous systems are wired in a way that their bodies and emotions are less integrated because of the difference in the interaction of their left and right operate primarily functioning from left brain and women operate easily between cooperation of both left and right brain action. Men can easily have sex without any heart attachment just to feel good and to make life enjoyable.. For men this is not a conscious awareness but biologically and hormonally guided. Women form a heart and body connection and are more invested in the intimacy and feelings they want to share.

Unconditional Love unlike Romantic Love which can be confused with infatuation drama and need based. Unless we recognize love within we will be trigged by another’s behaviors and actions and respond in childlike ways to give and take back love. Unconditional love is present no matter how the child or teenager behaves or acts…though at times this form of love may appear as tough love yet always in the form of being love. Universal Love is never ending and is the opposite of romantic love.. Universal love is also known as agape: unconditional and immune to the many traps to which romantic love can succumb when reflecting emotions such as jealously or resentment or one’s changing tastes . Universal love implies a strong commitment to oneself and a vow to honor respect and care for the well-being of another person no matter what situations arise.

The practices to get into alignment with sexual life force energy are mentioned in Sexual Enlightenment. They are:
Calm the Unending Chatter in your Mind; Conscious Breathing.
Circulating Energy; Chakra Listening Practice.
Connect with Your Love Muscle.
Heart to Heart Connection Partner Spooning.
Yin and Yang; Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy Practice.
Sexual Healing Practices for Women and the Man.

Freddy and Elsbeth tells us of the Circulating Energy Chakra Listening Practice which is the energy system we began talking about at the beginning of the show…It is through these invisible energy chakra points that relate to all aspects of our physical emotional and spiritual lives that people can become familiarized with the Universal energy force within and around us that is so essential to knowing ourselves and co-creating a healthy and successful life experience.

This practice will work to open and focus your mind to each part of your energetic being and shed light on the blockages and the power that may reside in each chakra. As you go through the practice listen and feel or hear that little voice in your head or intuition pointing the way When we listen we go beyond the sound and concentrate on the meaning and start to move the energy from any blocked area of the chakra system opening the channels so we may reconnect to the higher self and know peace and a new beginning.

Sheryl Says as was mentioned at the beginning of the show when Universal Energy was discussed, this living spirit is the focus of her new book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, it is possible and necessary to learn to distinguish ourselves as both a human -physical and energetic form of life imbued with the personal power of Universal energy that flows through us and is the force of all life. We are the representations of that divine spark of life and creation, and hold in our heart essence the personal power to create and live consciously and lovingly. In Sheryl’s book she shares stories and techniques to access Universal Energy and empower yourself to know the game plan of your destiny so you can manifest the love and prosperity health and joy that you are entitled to.

Dr. Elsbeth, Freddy and Sheryl have focused on a look at energy and the human body as a cooperative means of bringing the visible and invisible worlds of Consciousness and Unconsciousness together so we may realize our potential to love in all its forms from the physical aspects of Romantic love and procreation, to the Universal and Unconditional love of life, humanity, spirit and the Divine, as the pathway to satisfaction and joy in life: in work: in relationships: and creative pursuits: honoring and respecting the true nature of our magnificent inner energy essence our Souls. Loving ourselves first so we may love others and finding the means through healthy practices to integrate the body’s energy fields and become balanced with both our masculine and feminine aspects, remove blocks or restrictions to our energy flow, and achieve Wholeness is always the goal

Elsbeth and Freddy wrote this in relation to the Divine Spark within us all “Sexual energy creates life. Through it we have evolved from single-celled amoebae into multi-cellular organisms and into bipedal Homo sapiens who are capable of conscious thought. And now by evolving from unconscious chance to conscious choice we have the opportunity to participate consciously and affect the evolutionary process by allowing ourselves to be aware of this divine spark and choosing to use it to our personal advantage and growth, as well as for the greater good of our fellow travelers and indeed our planet.”

Guests: Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver