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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu For Great Health – Ayurveda – Mother of all Medicines

When it comes to a holistic approaches to wellness, it can be said that all of them stem from one. Ayuervedic philosophy originated over 3500 years ago in India. What can such ancient wisdom teach us in today’s world?

In a word, Ayuerveda can teach us balance. By understanding our predominate type, or Dosha, we can begin to recognize when we are out of balance. By following the principles of Ayuerveda, balance can be restored and our wellness flourishes.

Each of the three Doshas, Vatta, Pitta, and Kappa are supported by different food choices. As we all know, the foods we desire are not always the ones that are best for us. By choosing foods that support, versus aggravate our Dosha, we can help restore and maintain balance in our health.

This week we talk with Rochele Lawson, founder of The Health, Healing, and Wellness Center in Tracy, California. Rochele is an Ayuervedic health practitioner and Certified Meditation Specialist. She is known as the “Queen of Feeling Fabulous”.

Tune in as we learn about each of the three Doshas in Ayuereda. You will learn how to bring balance to your daily eating habits in small easy ways. As always, you’ll find lots of recipes, healthy eating, and cooking tips on Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.