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Astrological Cook

Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Connect with Your Family – Even Those Who Are Gone – Through the Fourth House and the Work of Ancestral Medicine

Our past is always with us. Family members, those gone and still here, have a deep impact on our lives. It is important to know how to mitigate the negative and enhance the positives that we receive from them. In Astrology, our roots and foundation are in the fourth house. When I do an evolutionary birth chartI find questions about family and childhood, those things that form the foundation of who we are, all in the planets, aspects and cusp of the fourth house.

My guest today is Daniel Foor, Ph.D., is a teacher of earth-honoring spiritual traditions. He leads non-dogmatic, heart-centered trainings and rituals to engage the ancestors and natural/elemental worlds with the intent of remembering our destiny and gifts here in service to the Earth. This is a fascinating and rich methodology for connecting with our root that I can only hope you will find as interesting as did I!

Rounding off the show is a recipe not found in my cookbook, “Sign of the Tines,” but one that always brings back memories of my mother, prosciutto and peas.