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Big Game Selling

Mia Doucet

Big Game Selling – Hate Cold-Calling? The Queen of Cold-Calling will teach you how to overcome the jitters in 3 easy steps

Mia Doucet, host of Big Game Selling, interviews Wendy Weiss, who has been dubbed The Queen of Cold-Calling. She outlines for you a system that takes the emotional element out of making that first call to potential clients. Wendy says everything she knows about business she learned in ballet class. Listen for her 3-step Performance Model: (1) Warm-up (everything you need to do so you don’t hurt yourself!), (2) Rehearsal (practice, practice, practice) and (3) Performance (where you take action). You will hear all sorts of excellent, immediately actionable tips to neutralize the dread of prospecting in order to keep your funnel full.

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