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Rock Splitting Politics – Uncertainty Abounds as the Mid-Term Elections Loom!

Never in Doc Holliday’s lifetime of voting and following politics has so many uncertain issues swarmed around the nation just before an election.  In this week’s show Doc will examine the uncertainties out there and give you an update on some of the important senate races.  These are indeed uncertain times with Ebola, Hong Kong protests, ISIS beheadings, rapes, and conquering large swaths of land.  We also have scandals still been investigated and an upcoming appeal to re-enroll in the Unaffordable and Uncaring Act, a dropping stock market, a slowing economy, a former Federal Reserve head who was turned down for a mortgage, and a number of underlying fractures in our faith in our government that is rapidly leading to an uneasiness that Doc will tell you about on this week’s show.  And that list doesn’t even include the fact that pastors in Houston, Texas are having their constitutional rights ripped away.  Doc will also give you a quick story that Glenn Beck told him at the Value Voter’s Summit that has to do with our President.  Get ready to hear a string of uncertainties that should drive you to the ballot box November 4th and vote to make sure every liberal on the ballot DOES NOT WIN!  Click on now to get informed!