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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet – Optimal Health for your Pet and Qualities of a Service Dog

Dr. Randy and expert dog trainer, Pauly B., use a blend of wisdom and humor to educate their listening audience on how to achieve optimal health for your pets. In this episode, the Radio Pet Vet crew welcome JoAnn Turnbull, CEO of Handi-Dogs, and discuss what makes a service dog. With an emphasis on helping people with disabilities, Handi-Dogs works with both therapy and service canines, as well as providing certifications.

The Radio Pet Vet crew also talks about how excited they are to be at the Handi-Dogs event, DOGTOBERFEST, which is taking place October 26 in Tucson Arizona.