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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within -Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of her newly released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Dr. Amelia Kemp, author of From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy, an alternative healing guide offering Alternative Holistic Descriptions and HealingProcesses for 170 Mental and Emotional diagnoses worldwide where Dr. Kemp tells sufferers “You’re not sick—you are sacred.” When Sheryl first read that subtitle, she thought it said “You are not sick you’re scared.” Perhaps both are appropriate in dealing with so many health issues. Dr. Kemp is a metaphysician Licensed Psychotherapist and Board Certified alternative Medical Practitioner with a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a non-traditional Doctorate in Metaphysical Theology. Dr. Kemp is also a certified Life Coach and Certified Energy Practitioner and holds a ministerial ordination. 

Dr. Kemp will share how she offers both traditional psychotherapy and holistic mental health interventions that are psycho-spiritual and metaphysical in nature honoring all paths and utilizing a combination of methods for helping her patients achieve balance and well Being. She will offer an eight step program for wellbeing. As a Reiki Master Teacher and Medium, the emphasis in Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, is similar in intent to Dr. Kemp’s book and focuses on traditional or natural energy healing and offers proof that due to the dual nature of our physical and energetic life force for truehealing to occur, we must focus on a multi-dimensional approach for mind body and spirit and must merge holistic energy healing modalities with allopathic methods to provide an integrative approach to achieve the best results.

In From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy, Dr. Kemp states that she disagrees with the medical model’s use of the term disorder and have exchanged that label with the term reaction. Dr. Kemp tells us the labeled soul gets labeled with some problem or illness because it has a reaction to being told that it must disassociate from the innate knowing or inner wisdom of life and must observe only physical matter by use of the 5 senses and what can be seen and measured. From a sacretherapy point of view, Dr. Kemp says when certain souls are asked to surrender their freewill and express thought that vibrates at a higher level of awareness they often react strongly and may become restless, anxious despondent depressed addicted suicidal homicidal and or develop schizotypal personality traits in an attempt to realign to what they know to be the core of their being..the spirit calls and longs for its true home in a psycho-spiritual state of freedom and sustainable well-being peace harmony and balance. Disorder then comes out of the duality between understanding the energy part of our life force which functions at a higher vibration and the physical aspects of our life force which is a denser vibration that connects us to mass consciousness suggesting we give up the hopes of our higher Selves and abide by life in a purely physical or material mindset

Removing the control and labels of society returns us to a state of well being and truth of who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life with choice and opportunity to discover how to create our joy by allowing ourselves to discover what really is important to us and makes us fulfill our inner needs in alignment with our physical choices while still holding the power of our innate energy or soul wisdom. Knowing who we are and how to create thoughts and actions that work well with the Law of Attraction understanding how powerful our thoughts really are and how we affect our moods and the situations that we are dealing with by either higher or lower vibrational thoughts gives us the tools to live life with more awareness.

Dr. Kemp’s book outlines eight alternative and holistic steps to mental and emotional well-being. Well-being can be seen as in alignment with the fullness of his or her being: mind, body, and spirit. Alignment is defined as the process of adjusting parts so that they are in proper relative position with one another. Alignment is what many healers are becoming aware is what is needed to trulyheal.

To realign with wellness means to embrace the idea that one originally came forth into this physical realm as a well being, worthy of the automatic wellness that comes with unconditional love and acceptance that was afforded you as a testament of your birthright…this sacred contract is not altered by your behavior or diagnoses and does not change no matter what you have experienced good or bad or felt you have done to yourself or others…thus sacretherapy begins with the premise you’re not sick you’re sacred.

The eight steps for Realignment to your sense of inner knowing is:

  1. A psychospiritual questionnaire will explore What’s the Matter
  2. Reframing the Matter recognizing the diagnosis so realignment can begin
  3. Finding out How the Matter Manifested (Cause or causes of distress)
  4. Witnessing – The Heart of the Matter (Exercises to letting go)
  5. Staying Clear of the Matter (Energy Disbursements) Forgiving Yourself & Others
  6. Pro-Creation Sculpting sacred Intentions
  7. Entering the Sanctuary (Divine Sight) Seeing beyond your usual perception
  8. After Care (Staying Aligned)

Ameilia named quite a list of authors, philosophers, metaphysicians, and healers in the holistic paradigm in your book, with an extra special honor to Louise Hay.

Dr. Kemp mentions Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Body (1984) which lists probable causes of physical manifestations and her 14 mental diagnoses led you to come up with metaphysical symbolic meanings for the 170 mental diagnoses listed in most mental health dictionaries and encyclopedias. I concluded that the different nuances in types of emotional or mental distress were just as significant for the field of mental health as were Hay’s breakdowns for the different types of physical diagnoses. This would bring us to Carl Jung a psychiatrist who used the concept of symbolism a term proposed as an unconscious archetypal symbolism which was later described by Dr. Carolyn Myss as symbolic sight.

It is important to note that a higher plane has been demonstrated to exist that can be seen as a electromagnetic field of energy that emanates through us and can be seen as light..this light is the Spirit and therefore already within us is a source capable of transcending and realigning the mental and emotional manifestations. Sacretherapy is based on this interpretation of energy and the mind body spirit intimate connection which is the way toward Wholeness or being free of emotional or physical illnesses. In Sheryl’s new book “The Living Spirit” she describes this higher dimension of life and offers a plan for incorporating a team of wellness practitioners in your personal plan for preventative practices and for a greater awareness of self Universal Energy and for advancing personal responsibility for utilizing self-healing techniques.

Dr. Kemp tell us the main difference between traditional psychotherapy and Sacretherapy. Simply stated, sacretherapy is a sacred form of therapy that honors the fullness of our being. Ameiia believes that the spirituality is usually left out of the biological, psychological and sociological inventories of a patient’s history to gauge the factors contributing to the distress pain or illness presenting itself and may be the most important component. The spirit is seen by many philosophers to be the eternal part that goes with us when we are released from the bio/psycho/social dimension.

Amelia also says sacred doesn’t simply mean “holy” but “Whole” as in Holism—mind, body and Spirit and is not a reference to specific religious dogma but rather a soulful sacred and personal transformation. The original meaning of Psychology from the Greek definition, was psyche and logos meaning the soul or mind and the study of that therefore the original meaning of psychology was the study of the soul which was seen as synonymous with universal mind or Infinite Intelligence. So from the historical origins we have strayed from this holy intent.

Sheryl tells us that in The Living Spirit, she share stories of how through using information received from Universal Source along with Reiki or the transference of this higher Universal Energy by a certified Reiki practitioner a person becomes aware of their energetic essence in relation to their physical life and is allowed to release many fears traumas and limitations, helping make better informed choices to improve and appreciate the gift of life…focusing on traditional psychotherapy assumes there are problems and continuous focus on those problems keeps one immersed in that energy. Focusing on divine energy or Sacretherapy through energy medicine or healing sessions emphasizes the hopes and possibilities for creation and manifestation of everything one needs to succeed in life from withintheir own creative expansive wisdom or Soul.

Amelia and Sheryl have taken a look at how feeling depressed anxious resentful and angry might be your way to find new methods for discovering the truth about life and your own inner search for peace, stability wholeness connections to people and events and just the desire to be happier and free. Your mental health is a product of a lifetime of conditioning by society and your family and ancestral belief systems. Finding a natural path to well-being is not only possible but necessary to discover the truth about the eternal nature of our physical and spiritual journey leading us past any of the minor or more serious issues of fear, trauma, limitation and lower vibrational energy patterns of behavior where people react with anger and violence out of not knowing other choices are available to them. We either move from pain to pleasure or fear to love and now as Amelia and Sheryl suggest the time to incorporate an integrative approach into the medical protocols and professional view of describing, analyzing, and offering treatment is in these changing times finally able to recognize the value of merging our energetic life patterns and our physical needs so we can heal ourselves and this world we live in.

Dr. Kemp has written “Likewise over the years, many clients have looked me dead in the eye, asking if a better quality of life was even possible after trying the conventional approach and been unable to report any sustained relief. Amelia has genuinely been able to offer hope and point out that there is a missing link in the treatment plan that may be the key to making a difference. She explains that the total well-being one desires may need to include integrating non-traditional holistichealing paradigms in addition to the medical model because she honors the fact that all treatment modalities have their rightful place in the healing process.”

With an open heart and open mind, Amelia and Sheryl hope you will find the way past any suffering and illnesses utilizing your own inner wisdom and resources and finding a team of support by friends and the medical and spiritual communities to remember the core of your being… and the reasons we chose to live this physical life so we can refine our thoughts actions and behaviors to realign to the divine Universal Energy of love… the place where healing is truly possible.