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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu For Great Health – Hot to Get 5 A Day with Colorful Cooking

Are you puzzled about just how to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet? Do you find it a challenge to get the five servings of fruits and vegetables each day that US RDA recommends?  Brightly colored vegetables are packed with the nutrients and minerals that keep us full of energy, healthy and strong. Eating more vegetables can also help curb our cravings for sugary or processed foods.

What does getting those five servings each day really look like? Turns out it is a lot simpler and more manageable than you might think. And what about those who resist new foods or believe they just don’t like vegetables, such as children or husbands? What are some gateways to gradually introduce them to eating more fruits and vegetables?

If you are concerned about weight gain, diabetes, hypertension/activity or other chronic health problems, then you need to get serious about getting in the habit of including more fresh colorful foods every day. Not only will you feel better, you just might find yourself less interested in those processed foods.

This week we talk with Tracy Miller, cooking instructor and food writer. Through her website,, Tracy has helped adults improve their health by including more colorful fruits and vegetables each day.

Tune in as we learn about simple ways to prepare vegetables that will help even finicky eaters open up to new foods. As always, you’ll find lots of recipes, healthy eating, and cooking tips on Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.