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Big Game Selling

Mia Doucet

Big Game Selling – Get Rid of Your Desk and Other Sage Advice from a Million Dollar Coach

Mia Doucet talks with Melissa Krivachek, (aka “Turbo!”) who describes herself as an average person doing extraordinary things. Recently chosen as a Top Ranked U.S. Executive by the National Council of American Executives in 2014, Melissa’s incredible journey starts with being Walmart’s youngest manager at 17, losing her job, breaking the rules of the road, ending up in jail, and deciding to make an impact in the world, working only with people who make incomes in the 6- and 7-figures. There are so many invaluable tips here that it’s a conversation you don’t want to miss.

To reach Melissa, call her cell: 563-419-1101 or reach her at Her website is: