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Rock Splitting Politics – Election Week! Boom and Bust and Who Gets Left in the Dust

Doc Holliday delivers an election week program to get you prepared for what is ahead.  This show will be updated on November the 5th to give you Doc’s latest unique analysis post election.  As the mid-term elections happen in the most uncertain era of Ebola fright, crazy Halloween nights, Middle East and American soil be-headings, immigration reforms planned unilaterally by President Obama, defense department downscaling as air strikes increase, and an onslaught of mismanagement by the White House, how will America handle the crisis in leadership?  How will Americans decide to vote?  Listen to Doc’s commentary and listen also to his guest once again this week, author Lowell Ponte, who will tell you about potential abilities of a major union to be able to illegally influence this election!  Doc and Lowell will discuss many issues pertinent to this election and America’s future.  Lowell also gives every listener an opportunity to order a free book with no charge for shipping?  Need an early Christmas gift?  What are you waiting for, click on now and don’t forget to Like Doc’s FaceBook page where you will get up to date news on the elections!