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Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Fermentation with Jill Ciciarelli

We’ve all heard of probiotics, they are beneficial bacteria that you can consume to help your body to digest, assimilate nutrients, create neurotransmitters, and strengthen your immune system.  They are all the rage in health communities these days, with good reason. But what comes to mind when you think of them? Chances are you think of some sort of probiotic supplement.. or maybe yogurt. You may also think about the cost associated with them.

Well, guess what? There’s a very affordable way to incorporate a wide variety of probiotics into your diet. AND you can create them right in your own home! The process is called fermentation.

Fermentation has a very rich history. It’s a food preservation technique that involves culturing foods & drinks with bacteria & yeast. It can be done in a process known as wild fermentation where your food is literally inoculated with the bacterial strains found in your own home, or with the aid of one of many bacterial starters, like whey for example.

This week, Meredith talks with Jill Ciciarelli about fermentation, about being creative in the kitchen, about reaping the health (and financial!) benefits of experimenting with fermentation in your own home, about just how easy it is to do, and about her book, Fermented: A Four Season Approach to Paleo Probiotic Foods.

Jill is a food lover, kitchen adventurer, board-certified holistic-health coach, and keeper of the blog First Comes Health. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, a bachelor’s degree in Italian language and literature from the University of Pittsburgh, and certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in holistic health, Jill has channeled her various passions into instilling a desire for long-term health in her clients. She has helped them reach their health and wellness goals by advocating an ancestral way of eating and serves her community as the Weston A. Price Foundation chapter co-leader. You can find her fermenting and experimenting in her urban high-rise kitchen and follow along with her on her website, First Comes Health.  Jill lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Brian (aka Dude), and Quincy, the sweetest kitty in the world.