Spirituality and Philosophy

Affirmations For Living

Dr. Edwige

Affirmations For Living – Evolution of Man

Evolution has begun and most see it as a need for a revolution. This is from the perspective of having not done the work to wake up. The truth that most remain asleep steeped in their created need to keep the illusion alive for fear of letting go and allowing divinity to manifest in the life. The natural state of being. We are in the moment of time itself collapsing. Time is truly one of the greatest illusions and solely for control, domination, and restriction. That illusion is collapsing, it is being dissolved into the ether. And as it does all seems to be getting worst, more intense, more insane. The people, Earth bound humans and the planet are inseparable, created together they stay together, seeking growth and expansion,,, we call this ascension. That is the moment we are in, the ascension. To do this is to let go and let divinity navigate the life.