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Veronica Sites is the Chaplain of Post Traumatic Growth; Expert of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and extraordinary woman. Her life is proof of determination and stick-to-itiveness. She produces results and explains the power of choice. She is a difference maker. Listen as Veronica explain life at the next level: setting and achieving goals to fulfill your purpose.

About: Veronica’s passion is personal development as demonstrated by her continued education in business development. She empowers individuals and business clients to manage critical stress on professional, social and emotional levels to create stability in the work environment. She equips through inspiring and motivational workshops and speaking from her professional and personal story of overcoming abuses and rising out of depressions darkest pit. She empowers others through living proof of hope. She speaks to professional, civic, and church groups with a special heart for women!

Tell our listeners about your business:  I am a Ziglar Certified Trainer and author with expertise in critical stress management and productivity. I help business owners in distress regain control of their company’s growth and customize systems that work for their unique business. I assess where individuals and a business are to determine what goals are, need to be, and what it takes to improve results. I continue to write and will have two new books published by spring 2015.

Memorable Failure:  My most miserable failure in business/career was failure to have an exit strategy.  What I learned is that solid business plans ~ always

Lessons Learned:  You must come to grips with what you do not know and purpose to do something about it if you plan to start something new. Education is a major part of our lifelong journey. Do not harden attitudes or close the door of your mind to the possibility that you just may become who it takes to achieve your dreams and discover your passion and purpose.

Ah-Ha Moment:  When I experienced a rude awakening following a divorce, and job loss, I realized my purpose had not changed, by abilities were still in tact and I had a mission to complete and it would not be done working as I had before. I was ready to embrace growth and change this: you don’t know what you don’t know, so I was determined to learn what I did not now.

Digital Trends:  I am not the expert on digital trends but I try to stay informed on trends in various areas. I like the end result of technology, not my challenge in mastering it.

Favorite success quote:  Attitude determines altitude

Favorite business book – 5 Levels of Leadership  ~John Maxwell

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